The Desert we never saw and the Landscape we only can imagine


Opening on the 8 June 2023 from 4 – 9 pm by the artist collective CKÖ

Light, as the fundamental element of our vision, structure, as an integral part of our environment, and wind, as the invisible force that governs movement and change.

The art collective CKÖ uses the power of the wind to break our passage through an imaginary landscape. The various objects and installations create wind, light, shadow, sound and a sense of materiality. The passage is no longer just a passage to hurry through, but a place to look, listen, stop and that invites you to linger.

CKÖ works on and with everyday life – from large to massive, often with the apparent goal of freeing it from the shackles of „usable optimization“.

The works of the art collective CKÖ range from a shrill bath towel published as an edition to walk-in room installations. As the lowest common denominator, this variety of forms of expression is characterized by an idiosyncratic and poetic take on everyday phenomena. How is a space, an object seen, what are its qualities?

CKÖ Sara Widmer and Daniel Lütolf