Muriel Gallardo Weinstein – Nicole L’Huiller – Paula Baeza Pailamilla – Marcela Moraga – Flora Päär – Valentina Berthelon + Tobias Freund (recent arts)


Artists: Valentina Berthelon (Chile-Berlin), Muriel Gallardo Weinstein (Chile-Berlin), Nicole L’Huiller (Chile-Berlin-Switzerland), Paula Baeza Pailamilla (Chile-Switzerland), Marcela Moraga (Chile-Berlin), Flora Päär, (Italy-Berlin), Tobias Freund / recent arts (Berlin) 

Paula Baeza Pailamilla „Territories“ ist eine Performance und eine Textilarbeit, die sich mit dem Bedürfnis nach Affektivität und Begrenzung eines rassifizierten Körpers in einer Situation der Migration befasst. Der Verlust des Gefühls der territorialen, kulturellen und identitären Zugehörigkeit ist ein Zustand, der Zeit und Raum überschreitet, insbesondere in Bezug auf Chile.

The performance Anümn / Plantar / Sow, 2020 by Paula Baeza Pailamilla is based on the cosmovision that accompanies you, where plants and earth connect with you. Your process of recognition leads to approximations to the environment that it absorbs. From this strangeness, new constructions arise, which harbor the absences of migration. Plantar is a performance that deals with the categorization of foreign plants and trees in Switzerland, also referred to as „foreigners and intruders.“ Paula Baeza Pailamilla collected branches of various species that were labeled as foreign during her wanderings through the Old Botanical Garden in Zurich. She then made a large bouquet out of them and hung it on a bridge over the Sihl, where one could hear the names of all these species. 

On Connection is a ritualistic experience that opens a space to feel and tune in with our emotional states and our environment. An immersive installation to connect with the Tree as Axis Mundi. This symbol is found in different cultures and represents a link between the spiritual and physical worlds. Hybrid beings will embody the human and non-human world and will play with the idea that we can develop a connecting link to greater cycles of the universe. Installation: Valentina Berthelon / Vocals and acoustic instruments: Flora Päär / Ritual guidance: Flora Päär / Soundtrack composition: Valentina Berthelon / Audio recording, mix and mastering: Tobias Freund

Cuchicheos [Fragmento] 2022, Silicone + latex membranes/speakers, three-channel audio piece.

“ Through resonant arrangements of membranes, humans, sounds, and winds, this work proposes a convoluted and noisy framework that activates imagination in a vibrational way in order to shake rigid limits and challenge imposed borders that delineate our imaginations and fragment our bodies, knowledge, languages, signals, and temporalities. This work is an invitation to rearticulate our relational ways and the narratives that define us through the labor of conspiring in a continuous circulation of vibrational phenomena and vital energy. ”  Nicole L’Huillier

A Window of Infinity: Embodying Material Culture from Film History 2022. Die audiovisuelle Sprache des Kinos überträgt Weinstein auf die analoge Technik des Wandteppichs und interpretiert Archivbilder neu, um die Kluft zwischen diesen beiden Disziplinen zu überbrücken. Die neuen Werke verkörpern sowohl die Ästhetik, Innovationen und Erzählungen der Filme als auch transzendente Themen, die Teil unserer zeitgenössischen Kultur sind.

SYMPTOMS OF AN EXISTENTIAL CRISIS. Kunsttage tour with Kea Boccomino. „This sense of adventurous exploration creates space for new and underrepresented voices from Space Durchgang „Overflows“ is a cultural encounter through the creative lens of contemporary Latin American artists. The group exhibition, redirects our gaze towards explorations of community, connection, memory, and identity.

„Hearth (Your Hearth will save you from Darkness)“ 2023 Sculpture made from found branches with three wood arrows.

„In the production of my artwork and in an attempt to appropriate the diverse spaces that exist in the world, I use as methods and procedures to walk, demarcate, collect, classify and reorganize. Through these processes I codify the unfolding of my work, as if, with these movements – at the same time errant and superlatively planned – I wanted to recognize, redefine and interpret the world.“ Muriel Gallardo Weinstein

The artist Marcela Moraga was invited to realise her own project during her stay in Patagonia, which was to include contacts with local research institutions in the fields of oceanography, marine biology, palaeoecology and history, as well as with the local community. Marcela left Berlin-Moabit after preparing herself by reading the diaries of the Italian explorer Antonio Pigafetta and other travelogues about historical expeditions to Patagonia. What she actually found on her journey, however, differed considerably from the naturalistic and colonialist descriptions of the 16th to 18th centuries. Neither Spices nor Species documents the artist‘s own journey with drawings, photographs and texts. In a playfully authentic way, these notes masquerade as an old travel diary. The written and drawn sketches cover a wide range of topics, from local myths about the sea, stray dogs, climate researchers to activist ducks fighting the Coca-Cola corporation. With her narratives, Marcela counteracts fanciful „explorer“ narratives by subverting their structure with irony and subtle humour. She contrasts the idealised natural landscape of Patagonia with new fictions and stories that imaginatively tell of actual realities such as social and ecological collapse, oral traditions, science and boredom at the end of the world.

The Humboldt Penguin 2021. Die meisten Menschen glauben, dass Pinguine nur in der Antarktis leben. Der Humboldt-Pinguin lebte jedoch ursprünglich an den Pazifikküste von Peru und Chile. Viele Pinguine dieser Art leben auch in vielen Zoos der Welt. Dank seiner Anpassungsfähigkeit an verschiedene Landschaften verfügt dieser Vogel über ein vielfältiges Wissen über den Klimawandel und das menschliche Verhalten.

The History of Darkness“ by Recent Arts. Ein audiovisuelles Konzert, das Sie auf eine Reise in ein Universum aus astronomischen Bildern und Klängen mitnimmt. Das visuelle Werk basiert hauptsächlich auf alten Fotografien, Zeichnungen und Diagrammen des Kosmos, die aus alten Astronomiebüchern stammen. Das Werk unterstreicht die Schönheit und Einfachheit von Low-Fidelity-Material, indem es Bilder verwendet, die ohne die heute verfügbaren technischen Hilfsmittel erstellt wurden. Visuelle Darstellungen des Universums haben die Kraft, die Stadien unseres sich entwickelnden Selbstbewusstseins als Spezies aufzuzeigen. Ausgehend von dieser Idee navigieren wir durch verschiedene Kapitel, die den nie endenden Drang zum Ausdruck bringen, uns selbst und das uns umgebende Universum zu verstehen. Recent Arts ist ein Duo, bestehend aus der Medienkünstlerin Valentina Berthelon und dem Musiker Tobias Freund. Gemeinsam gestalten sie Live-Performances, die Videoprojektionen und experimentellen Sound miteinander verbinden.

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